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Sand & Gravel

Pick It Up or Call for Aggregate Delivery in Thunder Bay

From suburban neighborhoods to mining operations, Chaschuk Enterprises supplies the natural materials for projects of all sizes. Serving residential and commercial clients, we have the heavy equipment to move mass quantities for delivery. Contact us for the details about our soil, sand, gravel and aggregate delivery in Thunder Bay and throughout Northern Ontario. With 5 pits for sand, gravel, aggregate, rock and topsoil, we can offer you better value and convenience from Dryden to Terrace Bay.

Chaschuk Enterprises ensures you receive the exact products you need for any construction, installation or landscaping project you have planned. From sandbox sand to paving materials, you are guaranteed not only the right materials but also the best, including:

  • Granular B, fine

  • Granular B, coarse

  • Manufactured granular B

  • Granular A, 5/8”

  • Driveway mix, 1 ¼ “ minus

  • Landscaping gravel

  • Road gravel

  • Pea gravel

  • Washed sand

  • Bedding sand

  • Approved septic sand

  • ¾ “ crushed, washed stone

  • Stone

  • ½ “ rock

  • Crusher fines 

  • River rock (round), 2-4” or 4-9”

  • Quarry rock, 12” minus

  • Screened black topsoil

  • Screened red topsoil

  • Unscreened red topsoil

  • Clean fill dirt

  • Clay

  • Recycled asphalt

We also sell and deliver hay for Northern Ontario farms and agribusinesses.

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