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Maximize Your Value – Tree Clearing Services by Chaschuk Enterprises

Are you preparing a wooded site for a new home or clearing large areas of land for commercial construction? You want a contractor with forestry experience and specialized equipment to save you time and money, whether for land development or reforestation. You can depend on Chaschuk Enterprises for forestry services for any project, large or small. 

Beneficial for the environment and our clients, we work to maximize the value you receive with our tree clearing services in Thunder Bay and Northern Ontario. For extensive land clearing and tree harvesting on large lots, Chaschuk Enterprises will pay you for the wood we remove. We also offer our customers biomass from our chipper and roundwood saw logs after the clearing process.

Choose Forestry Services to Meet Your Needs
Chaschuk Enterprises tailors our forestry services to meet the needs of a range of clients and environments from Dryden to Terrace Bay. Contact us for a free estimate and discuss the details of your project, including:

  • Residential and commercial lot clearing

  • Biomass grinding and chipping

  • Stump removal

  • Large land harvesting and logging

  • Ministry of Transportation highway expansion clearing

  • Reforestation of land

  • Mining land development

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