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Does Your Mining Operation Need Equipment Rentals and Float Services?

Gold to industrial minerals, are you part of the mining industry of Northern Ontario? You know the importance of the efficiency and care this resource development takes. Chaschuk Enterprises provides the equipment and expertise to maximize the efficiency of your mining operation while helping to minimize its environmental impact. From site development to restoration, we can save your company time and money with heavy equipment rentals and float services around Thunder Bay and beyond.

Request Materials, Equipment and Services

Serving mining companies from north in the Dryden area to Terrace Bay in the south, Chaschuk Enterprises also delivers materials such as aggregate and road gravel. You can trust our heavy equipment such as bulldozers and dump trucks to be well maintained and safe, and we rent them with or without the services of our operators. Contact us in Thunder Bay to request the materials, equipment and services your mining site needs, including:

  • Screening plants

  • Land clearing

  • Dust control for roads

  • Dam construction

  • Water pipe fusion

  • Tailings pond rehabilitation

  • Equipment rentals

  • Float services

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