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Residential Services

Improve Your Property – Residential Excavation Services in Thunder Bay

Are you ready to improve the property at your home or cottage? Have you finally purchased that beautiful but undeveloped piece of land to build from the ground up? Begin with the assurance that a local general contractor like Chaschuk Enterprises can give you. We do it all from gravel delivery to residential excavation services for Thunder Bay and Northern Ontario. We have been in the business of providing residential services for homeowners, construction companies and land developers since 2006. 

Whether you need an entire lot cleared or want to update your existing landscaping, we have 107 pieces of heavy equipment and the experienced operators to finish any job on time and budget. Contact us to discuss your project and receive a free estimate.

Let Us Provide the Materials and Expertise
From tree cutting to aggregate delivery, our team performs a range of residential services from Dryden to Terrace Bay. Are you a building contractor coming into Thunder Bay for a large residential project? You can rent the heavy equipment you need locally from Chaschuk Enterprises, with or without our expert operators. Our services include:

  • Float services

  • Lot development

  • Demolition and removal

  • Land clearing and levelling

  • Tree and stump removal

  • Licenced contamination removal

  • Basement foundation preparation

  • Waterfront rehabilitation

  • Culvert installation

  • Drainage design

  • Septic field installation and supply of materials

  • Driveway installation and reconstruction

  • General landscaping

  • Delivery of gravel, sand, stone, topsoil and fill dirt

  • Delivery or pickup of gravel, sand, stone, topsoil and fill dirt

Aggregates for Pickup or Delivery

We offer a wide variety of aggregates for residential delivery throughout Northern Ontario or for you to pick up at our Thunder Bay location. Our selection includes:

  • Black screened topsoil

  • Red screened topsoil

  • ¾ inch crushed washed stone

  • Crusher fines

  • Granular A, 4-9 inch rock and 2-4 inch rock

  • Quarry rock

  • Washed sand

  • Firewood

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